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Handgards has been supplying North America with food service plastic disposables for over 50 years. With their line of disposable gloves, Handgards helped to establish new safety standards in the foodservice industry by introducing disposable polyethylene gloves to school foodservice and processing trades.

Handgards manufactures a wide variety of foodservice disposables today including food storage bags, pan liners, hairnets, and their staple disposable gloves. Browse our selection of Handgards products and stock up on your essential foodservice supplies today!

Our Handgards Products and Availability

GoFoodservice offers a selection of Handgards disposable gloves for safely performing a variety of kitchen tasks while ensuring the utmost cleanliness during the food production and handling processes. Our lineup of Handgards products includes:

  • Clear Disposable Powder Free Poly Foodservice Gloves
  • Universal Clear Disposable Poly Foodservice Gloves
  • Blue Disposable Poly Foodservice Gloves
  • & more!

GoFoodservice’s Featured Handgards Products

We live in a world where cleanliness is more important than ever to maintain your restaurant, café, hotel, or any other hospitality operations. Our Handgards disposable foodservice gloves make it simple and comfortable to protect both your patrons and employees from exposure to harmful germs and substances. Superior quality counts when it comes to ensuring cleanliness, which is what sets Handgards products apart from the competition. Get your peace of mind and your Handgards disposable gloves here!

More About Handgards – Progressive Innovator In Food Safety

There’s a good reason why, for over 60 years, Handgards has continued to earn the respect and business from so many foodservice institutions. In fact, the company has established itself as a true pioneer in the realm of food safety. Their promise is to deliver quality products to their customers and ensure the utmost food safety through their wide range of food service disposables. Now more than ever, Handgards dedication to food safety has proven its place as a leading innovator in its industry.

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