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If you’re looking to spice up your dishes and add a pop of color, you won’t want to miss out on our collection of fruit, vegetable, and herb peelers. These fruit, vegetable, and herb peelers save unbelievable amounts of time and effort, giving you the extra resources to invest in other kitchen operations. We’re proud to carry the biggest brand names with decades of admirable reputations, like Tellier and Triangle. Whether you’re looking to perfectly peel vegetables or quickly cut julienne, we have the tools you can’t live without.

Our belief in streamlined fruits and veggies doesn’t end with peelers. We’ve also hand-selected the best fruit, vegetable, and herb knives on the market. You can rapidly mince and chop with our mezzaluna rocker knives or quickly garnish drinks and desserts with our corers and slicers. Plus, everyone knows that the greatest beauty is often found in the smallest details, which is why we’ve brought you garnishing equipment like Thai decorating knives and endless spiral garnishers.

Our fruit, vegetable, and herb knives let you quickly pit your favorite fruits and vegetables or create perfectly sliced wedges in record time. Your kitchen staff will breathe a sigh of relief while your customers take a gasp in awe of the beauty of your dishes, all thanks to our must-have fruit, vegetable, and herb knives.