Food Holding & Warming Equipment

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Good food warms the soul!
Warm food does something to the soul and the belly. It's comforting and tends to make the food taste even better. However, warm food that shows up cool or cold tends to have the opposite effect. Thankfully, food warming equipment exists for nearly any item you could imagine. Food warmers help your business go from just making great food to making and then successfully serving great food. After all, if something has been sitting out for a while without food warmers, it's no longer delicious, and could also be dangerous.

But with food holding equipment coupled with food warmers, you can comfortably and safely serve the delicious food you offer. Your options are extensive, with food holding equipment from some of the best brands like Vulcan, Grindmaster, Admiral Craft, and Alfa International. Countertop food warmers and display cases ensure that your tortillas, chips, pizza, pretzels, fries, and sauces are at the optimal temperature. Steam tables and food wells allow you to serve and create meals with your ingredients at the perfect temperature. You can turn up the temperature to any degree you need with heat lamps and strip warmers.

Like you, we know how important it is to keep food at its ideal temperature. However, we also understand that choosing precisely what you need can be difficult. That's why our friendly and helpful team at GoFoodservice is eager to help you curate the perfect shopping list to suit all of your needs.

What are the kinds of food holding and warming equipment that are essential?
The kinds of food holding and warming equipment that are essential will depend on the food you offer customers. For example, if you offer ice cream, you may find that a topping warmer stocked with your famous hot fudge is essential, but you may not need a nacho chip warmer. Therefore, consider the types of food you offer when making your selections.

In what ways can food holding equipment make a difference?
Food holding equipment makes a difference because it gives you a place to put your food before it goes out to your guest or customer. Without food holding equipment, you may find that you don't have enough space to place everything. As a bonus, that food can keep warm while waiting to be served.