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At GoFoodservice, we think that it’s very important that you get the best kind of equipment to use in-house. One of the most important brands that you can find for reliable and effective kitchen equipment is Alfa International. Having been around since 1938, Alfa has become a specialist in food preparation and care. They produce all manner of meat grinding and slicing tools, and are famous for their consistency, attention to detail and overarching quality. Part of what makes us so proud to work with Alfa, though, is the fact that they are such an expansive and reliable company.

Like all brands that we partner with at GoFoodservice, we know that Alfa has a long-standing reputation for excellence. This comes from their varied and diverse range of items to pick from. Whether you want to improve how you manage your meats to making sure you can find a reliable standard of product for commercial soup creation, you will find Alfa has all the tools that you need waiting for you here. Take a look at some of our best-selling Alfa International products too. They will help you to quickly appreciate just why this company is among the most commonly used and respected in the industry without doubt.

Safe and Steady Commercial Equipment from Alfa

Part of buying new kitchen appliances comes from making sure that what you buy can produce the right kind of value. If you want to make sure that value is never an issue for you then we recommend that you take a look at Alfa. They are a premium brand: the kind of high quality, reliable provider of equipment for everything from slicing meat to grinding meat, chopping meat and then also keeping it nice and warm with countertop food warmers.

With Alfa International, you make sure that you are buying a high standard of commercial equipment. Settling for second best would never make sense for your company, so take a look at Alfa and you can soon find a brand that you can trust and believe in to get the job done to the highest possible standard. So, if you are serious about making the most of your kitchen space, take a look at the premium quality Alfa appliances that we have available here. For a stress-free solution, take a look at our Alfa International range of products, and contact us with any questions that you might have.

Alfa International Best Sellers

Alfa International MC5, part of GoFoodservice's collection of Alfa International products
Alfa International MC5

120 Lbs/Hr Electric Countertop Meat Grinder, #12 Head

$179.45 /ea


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