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A restaurant’s attention to detail is often what sets them apart and brings customers back time and time again. When it comes to outfitting your restaurant, GoFoodservice is a leading supplier of restaurant flatware that can help you put the finishing touches on your customers’ experiences. Whether you’re looking for traditional stainless steel restaurant silverware or you’re looking for the convenience of disposable flatware, we have it all. We can even go international with our assortment of disposable chopsticks from Goldmax Poly-King and AmerCareRoyal!

Our restaurant silverware is easy to clean, resistant to stains and tarnishing, and can withstand the repeated demands of even the busiest restaurants. When it comes to our disposable restaurant flatware, users don’t have to feel guilty about generating waste. We like to help take a bite out of pollution by carrying products from WorldCentric that are completely compostable, non-GMO, and guilt-free!

No matter what type of restaurant flatware you’re searching for, it’s time to dive in and see how we can make it happen.