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Commercial floor mats are a necessary accessory for your bar, kitchen, or restaurant. Entrance floor mats, like restaurant floor mats, help to wick water and debris away from busy entrances. This helps keep customers safe and reduces liability from accidents like slip and falls. Entrance floor mats are also a good way to protect high-traffic areas, sparing your carpet from overuse and early wear.

We have a wide array of commercial floor mats that come in tons of sizes and colors, giving you the ability to find your restaurant’s custom match. Additionally, we stock safety floor mats that also work to provide a safe and sturdy surface for patrons and staff to stand with confidence.

Brands like Cactus Mat have been producing kitchen floor mats, restaurant floor mats, and general commercial floor mats for years. Anti-fatigue rubber floor mats and kitchen floor mats with built-in grease resistance bring comfort to workers’ joints on long shifts while also providing a safe grip in moisture-prone areas.

Whether you’re looking for functional safety floor mats to reduce the risk of hazards, bar rail mats, or decorative restaurant floor mats to save your floors and impress guests, GoFoodservice is the industry’s leading retailer. When you shop with us, you can shop with confidence.