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Cactus Mat has been a family-owned company for over 90 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial floor mats. When first producing floor mats back in the 1930s, Cactus Mat came up with the innovative idea to recycle tires into new flooring making them one of the first companies to produce sustainable floor mats. Today, Cactus Mat manufactures floor mats to serve any industry including foodservice, medical facilities, schools, gyms, and industrial plants. Browse our selection of Cactus Mat products and you will be sure to find the right floor mat for your business!

Our Cactus Mat Products and Availability

GoFoodservice is proud to offer a full selection of Cactus Mat equipment for any style of business and flooring. Our comprehensive line up of Cactus Mat products includes:

  • Needle-Rib Entrance Mats of various sizes and colors
  • Honeycomb Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
  • VIP Black Cloud Anti Fatigue Mats
  • Honeycomb Anti-Fatigue Grease Resistant Rubber Floor Mats
  • VIP Floormate Rubber Floor Mats
  • VIP Tuffdek Rubber Floor Mats
  • & more!

GoFoodservice’s Featured Cactus Mat Products

Working in the kitchen is physically demanding labor, but the effects on the entire body can be reduced with the use of right, quality floor mats. Cactus Mat commercial and industrial floor mats are made with eco-friendly, recycled material and will effectively reduce the fatigue from working on your feet. No matter what type or size of operation you are running, Cactus Mat floor covers are an ideal solution for protecting your workspace flooring as well as the health of your employees. Our selection of Cactus Mat entrance mats are a great way to elevate the look of your business entry while helping keep the inside free of dirt from foot traffic.

More About Cactus Mat – Top-Quality Commercial & Industrial Floor Mats

Cactus Mat has been producing quality flooring mats for the industrial and commercial markets for over 90 years. With more than 2,000 products of varying styles, color, and sizes, Cactus Mat has all of the floor matting your hospitality business could require. From customized logo entrance mats to industrial strength, anti-slip, and anti-fatigue solutions, they are the industry leaders in both innovation and quality. Cactus Mat began recycling tires into floor mats before sustainability and recycling was even a standard. Today, they keep raising the bar with “quality” and “integrity” at the heart of their operations. Their unwavering commitment to providing quality products for their customers has helped Cactus Mat ensure many more decades of satisfied customers.

Cactus Mat Best Sellers

Cactus Mat 6477-KD
Cactus Mat 6477-KD

42" Zinc Plated Steel Floor Mat Transport Cart / Wash Rack, 500 Lb Capacity

$244.98 /ea


Cactus Mat 2535-B34
Cactus Mat 2535-B34

48" x 36" Honeycomb Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat, Brown

$71.49 /ea


Cactus Mat 1485M-E46
Cactus Mat 1485M-E46

72" x 48" Bel-Aire Needle-Rib Entrance Mat, Gray

$71.98 /ea


Cactus Mat 2535-B36
Cactus Mat 2535-B36

72" x 36" Honeycomb Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat, Brown

$102.49 /ea


Cactus Mat 2540-C35
Cactus Mat 2540-C35

60" x 36" VIP Guardian Grease Proof Rubber Floor Mat, Black

$85.98 /ea


Cactus Mat 3520-R3
Cactus Mat 3520-R3

39" x 29" VIP Floormate Anti-Fatigue Grease Resistant Rubber Floor Mat, Red

$67.98 /ea


Cactus Mat 1437M-B46
Cactus Mat 1437M-B46

72" x 48" Catalina Olefin Walk-Off Mat, Brown

$63.79 /ea


Cactus Mat 1437M-L23
Cactus Mat 1437M-L23

36" x 24" Catalina Olefin Walk-Off Mat, Charcoal

$24.98 /ea


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