Floor Mat Transport & Wash Carts

Easily transport and store floor mats with our selection of floor mat transport and wash carts!

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Floor mats are crucial to reducing slips and falls in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. However, they do tend to get dirty. Regular cleaning is essential to a sanitary, efficient food-based business, but floor mats can be cumbersome to move around and get clean! Make it easier on your staff with floor mat wash carts, perfect for transporting the mats to a washroom or outdoors.

Shop GoFoodservice’s selection of floor mat transports. With a sturdy steel construction and ergonomic design by brands like Cactus Mat, it’s easier than ever to move the mats for cleaning or into storage. Easily wash the mats and dry them right on the cart, or use the racks as floor mat storage carts for extra items. All our floor mat carts are designed for multiple uses to help keep your mats clean and tidy!

Improve the cleanliness of your restaurant, banquet hall, or industrial kitchen by thoroughly washing every floor mat. Our selection contains premium floor mat racks that are designed to pull quadruple duty: transport, washing, drying, and storage. Order yours now and make your staff’s lives easier.