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Brand: Steelworks
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Hold food in any stage of preparation or use casters to deliver prepared food to its serving destination. Our holding and storage cabinets are available in a wide variety of sizes and capacities from top quality brands at the most competitive prices available. Check out our selection today! As one of the most effective tools for making in-house transport a bit easier, sheet pan racks are one of your most trusted tools in the workplace. They make general kitchen management much easier, and often remove much of the work involved with getting all of your sheeted pans ready to go as soon as you need. If you want some help in preparing and organizing the back-end of the kitchen, then tools like this can be oh so useful. This is why we have so many options for you at GoFoodservice when it comes to this kind of product. The quicker you can put your services to work, the easier it is for your workplace to produce happy and positive results time and time again. For that reason, we recommend that you take a look at our numerous options. We offer high-quality sheet pan racks from trusted names such as Channel Manufacturing, John Boos, Metro, Nu-Vu, Winco, and Winholt so you can use this to your advantage to deliver the highest quality possible of sheet pan rack transports.

Remember, the quicker your staff can work, the better. With our sheet pan racks, they’ll get things done much faster! Not sure what kind of rack would be good for your needs? Then just let us know. Our team will happily take a look and make sure that you get the best quality of sheet pan racks for your own needs, vastly reducing the time that it takes to prepare in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.