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Keep your restaurant, banquet hall, and dining area tidy with GoFoodservice’s selection of commercial brooms and dustpans. Designed to quickly and thoroughly remove dust and debris, our brooms and dustpans are made for heavy-duty cleanup for high-traffic areas. All brooms are made by reputable vendors from sturdy, durable materials, and we offer a range of styles to accommodate different size needs. Our dustpans are designed to work with the brooms and collect debris, leaving no trace behind. Ensure that your commercial dining area or food-based business is professional, sanitary, and tidy. Choose from our variety of commercial brooms and dustpans and provide your staff with the tools they need to perform their best.

Keeping your floors clean and free of debris doesn’t just give your customers a good first impression, but it also helps prevent accidents from happening. Sand and other fine materials can accumulate in high-traffic areas and contribute to costly injuries to employees and guests alike. Having brooms and dustpans nearby to quickly clean up messes and tackle daily cleaning is a must.

We carry an assortment of commercial brooms and dustpans from brands you can trust, like Alpine Industries and many others. Plus, we even have a lineup of mop & broom accessories to help you stay organized and clean to your max potential. These cleaning essentials are built with the highest quality materials so you can rest assured that they will serve you faithfully for years to come. We even carry industrial dustpans that are made of unbreakable and unbendable stainless steel so you can have confidence that they’ll serve you faithfully into the future no matter how much wear and tear you inflict.

Take a look at our selection and you’ll find more than heavy-duty commercial brooms and dustpans. We like to cater to all ends of the busy business spectrum, so we’ve compiled an assortment of products for every sized business and every sized building. Big or small, our brooms and dustpans will help you clean your floors with ease. Don’t get swept away in the mess. Shop our selection today!