Baking Powder

See our selection of baking powder for double acting leavening agents that will bring out the best in baked goods!

Clabber Girl 00350
Clabber Girl 00350

5 Lb Double Acting Baking Powder Tub (6/case)

$99.98 /ea


Clabber Girl 00355
Clabber Girl 00355

10 Lb Double Acting Baking Powder Tub (4/case)

$129.85 /ea


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Create Perfectly Textured Baked Goods
If you or your business creates delicious baked goods, you probably go through a fair amount of baking powder. So prepare for all of your baking and stock up on this essential baking ingredient. You'll love that Clabber Girl is a reliable baking powder. It is one of the nation’s foremost leading brands that customers reach for over and over again. So much so, Clabber Girl baking powder has been the industry standard for all other powders for over 100 years.

As a critical ingredient in any baked good that relies heavily on texture, baking powder makes a big difference in baking recipes. Cookies and cakes without it will literally fall flat. So use Clabber Girl in all of your biscuits, cakes, pancakes, cookies, and anything else that needs it.

Keep your kitchen fully stocked with a bulk order of large tubs from GoFoodservice. You have two size options for your kitchen to ensure you always have enough for your fluffy cakes and perfect cookies.

What does baking powder do?
Baking powder includes a powdered alkali and powdered acid. When combined with a moistened mixture, this power enables a reaction that creates carbon dioxide and puffs up baked goods. So you can thank baking powder for your perfectly textured cakes, cookies, and even pancakes.