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Brand: Steelworks
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Steelworks SWS2C162012- 318
Steelworks SWS2C162012- 318

37" Two Compartment Sink, 12" Deep Bowls

$500.39 /ea


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Featuring a vast assortment of sizes and configurations, our two-compartment sinks are available from the highest quality brands such as Advance Tabco and John Boos at the most competitive price. Check out our selection today!

If you are looking for an easy way to care for your staff, then investing in 2-compartment sinks makes a lot of sense. Not only will they vastly cut down on the amount of time that your staff needs to work, but they will give a much easier time when it comes to cleaning standards and situations overall. For one, you will find that our 2-compartment sinks will ensure you have no problems at all in keeping things moving forward in the right direction. They will ensure that you can get plenty of interesting content packed into the sinks, allowing for quicker and easier cleaning of bowls, cups, mugs, saucers, plates, and much more. They are spacious and sizable by their very nature, ensuring that you can easily work with sinks that take the stress out of the experience.

Another positive benefit that comes from working with 2-compartment sinks is that you can get double the amount of cleaning done at the one cleaning site. Instead of everything building up and making it hard for you to move, these dual compartment sinks allow for your dishes to be better organized and prepared to make the washing experience so much simpler. Not only will you find that this helps to reduce the challenge of building a quality kitchen, but it helps to make sure that all of your items are kept in the best condition. With a higher standard of cleaning compartment, you can make the strenuous cleaning process a touch more enjoyable for all!