Steelworks 1 Compartment Sinks

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Brand: Steelworks
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Steelworks SWS1C151512-318
Steelworks SWS1C151512-318

20" One Compartment Sink, 12" Deep Bowl

$330.41 /ea


Steelworks SWS1C181812-318
Steelworks SWS1C181812-318

23" One Compartment Sink, 12" Deep Bowl

$375.10 /ea


Steelworks SWS1C242414-316
Steelworks SWS1C242414-316

29" One Compartment Sink, 14" Deep Bowl

$515.56 /ea


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Check out our selection of one compartment sinks today! Available in a wide variety of sizes with and without drainboards from industry-leading brands such as Advance Tabco and John Boos at the most competitive prices available.

If you run any kind of kitchen enterprise, then you will be all too aware of how easy it is to make cleaning difficult for your staff. With a single compartment sink, though, you can help to make what is often a rather arduous process a touch more enjoyable for all of your staff. Using this system, you can find 12-14” sinks that offer you plenty of space for cleaning, tidying up, and improving upon your cleaning standards at the moment. It can be hard to fall behind when it comes to cleaning, as there is just so much to do when it comes to the clean-up process. These simple but easy to work with compartments get rid of that issue in an instant, making sure you can easily clean up items and ensure you are never taking too much space up from those carrying out the prep for other meals.

At GoFoodservice, we pride ourselves on keeping standards high and quality consistent. This is why we look to work with only the best single compartment sinks. Used properly, they can make it so easy for you to have a much easier time of it when it comes to cleaning up. Why make life harder for your staff when you could simply do the opposite and make it easier? With this easy to follow option, you can quickly reduce the challenges that your staff will face on a daily basis, vastly improving consistency when cleaning.