Good Grillin': Essential Restaurant Equipment You Need in Your Steakhouse

Good Grillin': Essential Restaurant Equipment You Need in Your Steakhouse

Over 647,000 restaurants existed in the United States in 2017.

That's a whole lot of food served daily!

Steakhouses are one of America's most treasured establishments. Americans love a good steak, and we know a good steak when we taste one.

To be competitive in the steakhouse market, you have to know what makes a customer's mouth water. As a restaurant business owner, you may be thinking about profit margins, hiring the right employees, and the bottom line. But, you also need to know how to keep customers coming back for more of your delicious food.

So what makes new customers become loyal customers in the steakhouse market?

Simple: a steak cooked and seasoned to perfection. To achieve this, you need the right restaurant equipment. It's tempting to believe that any equipment will do, but in the steakhouse industry, you need to up your game to be successful.

Read on to learn about the restaurant equipment your steakhouse needs in order to compete and wow your customers' taste buds.

Restaurant Equipment Your Steakhouse Needs

The restaurant industry is competitive. It takes a great business owner to be successful, but the right equipment to keep customers wanting more. Explore the following restaurant equipment that will set you apart.

1. Broilers

To get a great-tasting steak, you'll need some good broilers. Broilers help the steak to retain its juices and tenderness while cooking it to perfection. Broilers also leave food with a distinctive taste similar to an outdoor barbeque.

The three main types of broilers are underfired, overfired, and conveyor broilers. Underfired broilers heat meat products from a source of heat below the meat. These broilers produce a smoky flavor similar to grilling outdoors.

Overfired broilers heat food from an upper heat source. They produce less smoke and flame but are great for heating thick cuts of meat.

Conveyor broilers cook food from the bottom and top as they move through the broiler on a belt. This allows them to cook without much effort or attendance to the time. Food simply passes through the belt and cooks as it moves through!

Each of these broilers comes in different sizes to accommodate different food types and needs. Larger broilers are beneficial for cooking meat, whereas smaller broilers are great at browning food and melting cheese. Depending on your menu, food selection, and cuts of meat you may need a variety of broilers to perfect the tastes of each item.

2. Char Grill

Chargrills, also referred to as "charbroilers," allow a chef to perfectly cook a mouth-watering steak. A chargrill is similar to an outdoor grill but functions at a higher capacity with more control.

Chargrills are great for searing meat and cooking items fast. A restaurant chargrill is also big enough to cook many food items at once. The chargrill is what gives a steak a classic lined look where the grill grates branded the meat.

Chargrills gas heat source can also be adjusted much like a cooktop. Chargrills have an open flame that heats the grill grates to your desired temperature. Above chargrills, you will also need an exhaust to remove smoke from the kitchen area.

3. Deep Fryer

Steakhouses and fried foods go hand-in-hand. When customers go to a steakhouse, not only do they expect a perfectly cooked steak, but also fried foods to complete the meal.  Fried foods such as shrimp, french fries, and onion rings all complement steak items.

Deep fryers can also cook meat items which help to retain their juices.

Deep fryers cook items by submerging them in oil. The heated oil cooks the items from all sides and does so quickly. As it cooks, it browns the outside of the food while retaining the moisture and softness of the inside.

For your steakhouse business, you will need a large fryer that can hold a large amount of oil. Normally, a deep fryer can produce double the amount of fries in pounds as the oil it holds. For example, if a deep fryer can hold 30 pounds of oil then ideally it can produce 60 pounds of fries per hour.

4. Mixers

If you plan on handing out bread before the meal, then you'll need a mixer. Mixers are great for preparing baked goods such as bread, pies, and cakes. Mixers can also help with whipping up large quantities of mashed potatoes!

There are two types of mixers you may need, planetary and spiral mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing dense doughs. Planetary mixers are made to mix less dense items such as mashed potatoes and batters.

For your steakhouse, you'll need to determine what size mixers will work best. Some spiral mixers can mix up to 600 pounds of dough at once while some planetary mixers can handle upwards of 200 quarts.

5. Ovens

If your menu requires items such as bread, pies, or baked potatoes, then you'll need an oven. Many ranges come equipped with an oven as well, but not all. And since your range will be specifically tailored to cooking meat you may need to purchase a separate oven for baked goods.

A commercial size oven with normal settings should do the trick!

6. Prep and Storage Space

In your steakhouse kitchen, you will need prep and storage space to handle cooking operations smoothly.

Food preparation counters are a must in your kitchen. Food prep counters for restaurants are normally stainless steel because this material is resistant to bacteria and harsh cleaning chemicals. On these surfaces, you'll also need wooden or plastic cutting boards.

For storage, you'll need a high-performing commercial freezer and refrigerator as well as shelving to store non-perishable items. Kitchen storage such as shelves and racks can also help to keep your kitchen and food prep spaces clutter-free. The cleaner and more organized your kitchen is the more smooth your operation will be.

Ready to Purchase Your Steakhouse Restaurant Equipment?

Starting a restaurant business is a challenging task. But, with the right restaurant equipment, a fantastic menu, and the right employees it's possible to compete in this competitive market. Remember to also follow all food and restaurant safety guidelines when operating and choosing restaurant equipment to meet your needs.

Check out our commercial brands to purchase the right restaurant equipment for your steakhouse.


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