Winco CGS-38K
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Winco CGS-38K, 35 1/2" Stanchion Post w/ 68" Retractable Belt

$47.85 /ea

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Winco CGS-38K Overview


  • Perfect for crowd control, restaurants, stores, and casinos
  • Assists in guiding guests to the correct location
  • Equipped with a weighted base to prevent it from tipping or sliding
  • 34" High stanchion with heavy, sturdy base
  • Built-in 6 1/2' long retractable belt

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 35.5 Inches
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Product Brand

CGS-38K Resources

Winco CGS-38K Specifications


35.5 Inches


Barrier Length
68 Inches
Barrier Style
Retractable Belts
Stanchion Posts
Matte Black
24.25 Pounds
Product Condition

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