Follett 00130211
Follett 00130211

Follett 00130211, Single Replacement Drop In Cartridge for Follett Water Prefilter System

$60.00 /ea

Follett 00130211 Overview

Model Specifics: Single Cartridge

Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Details:

You trust your appliances to keep running smoothly through it all, but you need to remember that part of trusting it all properly is in getting the filter to keep you moving in the right direction. There to impress you even more, this Follett 00130211 replacement drop-in pre-filter cartridge is going to be the right tool for the job that you need to help you see that trusting the best really is going to help you head down the right path to success.

This filter is going to lead the way with its economical pre-filter capabilities and the guarantee that it is going to do its part in making sure that your water stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


  • Pre-filter system saves money
    • economical 10 micron pre-filter filters out large particles and extends life of primary filter

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