Everpure i2000 EV9612-22
Everpure i2000 EV9612-22

Everpure i2000 EV9612-22, Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

$92.45 /ea

Everpure i2000 EV9612-22 Overview

Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Details:

The right water starts with the right tools to get it to you, and the replacement cartridge to keep your filtering system running is right here. This Everpure i2000 EV9612-22 replacement cartridge is intended to work specifically with the Everpure i2000 EV9612-22 water filter system to help your appliances get a longer life, especially that ice machine. Since traditional water is bad for creating scale, you'll find that this enhanced protection against scaling is going to keep your appliances in good working order longer, and what scaling does slip through over time is going to be minimal in comparison.

Replacing your filter cartridge will also help you take care of cysts, particulates and bacteria that commonly found in tap water so that you can enjoy clearer and purer drinking water and better food and drink recipes as well. For chlorine-reduced water that is going to seriously make the difference in comparison to your water before, you will see quickly that replacing your cartridge is what you need for heavy duty use.

Easy to change and simple to install, this water filter cartridge is the ultimate aid for your ice machines to keep everything running smoothly.


  • Bacteriostatic*
  • Cyst Reduction
  • Particulate Reduction
  • Scale Control*
  • New and improved Micro-Pure II media with AgION™ antimicrobial protection inhibits any potential bacterial growth
  • Reduces water-related ice machine problems caused by scale build-up from dirt and dissolved minerals*
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor and other offensive contaminants
  • Self-contained scale inhibitor feed keeps ice machines functioning at full capacity*
  • Reduces maintenance and service costs by reducing scale and clogging of distribution lines, evaporator plate and pump
  • Precoat submicron technology reduces dirt and particles as small as 1/2 micron in size and reduces health contaminants such as asbestos fibers and Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean. Internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination
  • NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53
  • Scale Reduction/Control as tested by Everpure

Note: No electrical connection required
The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this drinking water system are not necessarily in your water. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used with disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.

Max. Temp: 35 - 100°F (2 - 38°C)

Everpure Warranty:

2 year limited warranty

Product Brand

i2000 EV9612-22 Resources

Everpure i2000 EV9612-22 Specifications


OEM Numbers
i2000 EV9612-22, i20002, i2000(2), EV961222


Water Capacity
9,000 Gallons
Flow Rate
1.67 GPM
Micron Rating
Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Bacteria / Viruses
Filter Type
Filter Type
Water Filter Application
Ice Machines
Filter Cartridges
Sanitary Quick Change
Product Condition


Manufacturer Warranty
2 year limited warranty

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