Berkel 01-40827E-00073
Berkel 01-40827E-00073

Berkel 01-40827E-00073, 12" Hard Chrome Slicer Knife Blade

$149.85 /ea

Berkel 01-40827E-00073 Overview

12" hard chrome slicer blade w/ 3 mounting holes. Fits Berkel models 827E.

Product Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 12 Inches

Berkel 01-40827E-00073 Specifications


12 Inches


Product Condition

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Customer Q&A

Are the 827e and 827a blade the same?

The 827e and 827a blades are not the same. The Berkel 827a has 4 mounting holes whereas the Berkel 827e has 3 mounting holes. If further assistance is needed, please contact us so we can help you choose the correct model.

– GoFoodservice

Could you please confirm this is an original (OEM) Berkel part?

The blades are sourced from the same manufacturer of the OEM, but they are not considered OEM. Same quality just a better price.

– GoFoodservice

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