Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Refrigerator

Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Refrigerator

It goes without saying that a commercial refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment you can buy for your business.

When selecting a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant, you have a variety of makes, models, and sizes to choose from, but you also have a choice as to whether you want a solid door versus a glass door refrigerator model. Both types of commercial refrigerators have their advantage, but the one that works best for you depends on how a couple of factors.

Insulation and Cooling

Solid door and glass door refrigerators need to be considered in terms of insulation. Solid door models like the True T-49-HC will feature more insulation than glass door models, keeping your raw foods fresh; it’s a general rule in the restaurant industry that you should store raw foods in solid door refrigerators. These models are also more energy-efficient than glass door refrigerators, however, the contents inside aren’t easily visible which means your employees may stand in front of the refrigerator looking for something for a long time. Glass door refrigerators are more commonly used for merchandising or display, though can be used for storage as well - you need to consider the factors below when making your purchase.

Cleaning Needs

One important factor to consider is the cleaning needs of both types of commercial refrigerators. Glass door refrigerators, because they feature a glass door in the front, can tend to get smudges and will need to be cleaned more regularly. Solid door refrigerators like the Hoshizaki CR1S-FS don’t have glass, and with their solid-door design, the durable stainless steel design on their exterior; will require exterior cleaning, but won’t show smudges as visibly as a glass door. If the refrigerator is visible to customers, you may want to consider the cleanliness factor when considering what type of door you want your refrigerator to have.

Visibility Benefits

Another thing to consider when you buy a commercial refrigerator is visibility. What do you want your customers to see? What do you want your employees to see? Glass door refrigerators make it easy to see the items inside, which can help you keep an eye on your inventory without necessarily opening the refrigerator and counting what’s inside. However, if you don’t want your customers to see the contents of your fridge, especially if it’s out in the open, you may want to hide anything that could look unsightly away from their eyes. Fast-casual restaurants such as Chipotle and other places with open, visible kitchens may use a glass door refrigerator near the register to let customers easily see what bottled drinks they have, or easily display pre-prepared foods. You have to determine the visibility you want or don’t want with your new refrigerator.

As you look to buy a commercial refrigerator for your business, you should consider how it’s used in one day. Is it opened frequently? Will it be in view of customers? How much time do you want to spend cleaning the refrigerator? Answering these questions, guided by the information above, will help you make the right choice.


  1. comment authorTaylor Anderson Sep 18, 2018

    You made a good point when you mentioned that clear refrigerators may need to be cleaned more the the other types of commercial fridges, since the glass makes it easier to view streaks. One of my cousin loves to make and eat food, so they've been thinking about starting a restaurant. Of course, they'll need a cool room built, so these tips will help them find the best one. I'll share this article with her so she can make an informed choice.

  2. comment authorRenz Path Oct 26, 2018

    Thanks for reminding us that glass door refrigerators are good when you want to show contents inside that can lessen the time of guessing what can likely be inside. Since we are choosing which commercial fridge to use, that piece of information will help us make a wise choice since we do not want to guess what's inside. We will look for that type that will help us see which is really best for us since it is our mother who decides.

  3. comment authorSherry Gajos Dec 3, 2018

    I liked what you said about how solid door models of refrigerators have more insulation than glass door models, keeping the food inside fresher longer. My aunt is running a restaurant and wants to upgrade the commercial refrigerators she has, since they are pretty old. Thank you for the information about solid door ones are more energy efficient.

  4. comment authorDuncan Lance Dec 5, 2018

    You really should take cleaning into consideration when choosing a commercial refrigerator, especially if it will be set up in a restaurant. After all, you will want to make sure that the refrigerator can be easily cleaned and kept up to health code standards. That is why it might help to look at which kind of commercial refrigerator will be easier for you to clean.

  5. comment authorDave Anderson Dec 21, 2018

    That is really cool that you could have glass doors to help your customers see the stuff in the refrigerator. That would be something that I would want to have if I were a restaurant owner. That way they could see that we had real ingredients.

  6. comment authorMia Stewart May 23, 2019

    I like how the article explains that glass doors are better for merchandise or display. If I am looking for a commercial refrigerator to display merchandise it is good to know I should use a glass door refrigerator. Thank you for the information on commercial refrigerators.

  7. comment authorTaylor Hansen May 28, 2021

    It's good to know the visibility benefits of a commercial refrigerator. The idea of getting a new commercial refrigerator is appealing to me.

  8. comment authorBen Hammill Dec 2, 2022

    Most of these reviews are fake. I believe the website author wrote them. Who cares about this website’s rating? The article is pretty good. Five stars!

    comment authorGoFoodservice Invalid Date

    Hi Ben, we appreciate the 5-star review of our article! Regarding the fake review mention, please know that all the reviews on our website, including those found in this article, are authentic and submitted by others like yourself. Thanks!

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