Restaurant Candles & Table Lamps

Use table lamps and candles to create the perfect mood lighting in your establishment!

Setting the ambiance of your restaurant or event venue has never been easier thanks to the tabletop lighting by Hollowick. Your table lighting can be adapted to seamlessly blend into any décor. For example, candles (electric candles or traditional wax candles) can set the mood for romance, candle lamps can evoke a rustic theme, and table lamps can be easily adapted for modern or elegant ambiance by changing the shade. Using light as a design element is an incredible way to give your guests an immersive experience as the dim glow from your tabletop lighting wraps them in a feeling of warmth.

These restaurant candles and table lamps aren’t just beautiful to admire. They’re also functional and enable guests to see menus, walk safely, and enjoy the company of the people they’re with. The unique and artistic designs of our table lamps make them a highly sought-after piece of functional décor. Plus, our assortment of flameless candles, wax candles, and oil candle refills are friendly for any budget.

If you’re ready to use the power of lighting in your design, then you won’t miss out on the chance to shop our table lighting. We invite you to browse our selection today.