Kitchen Knives

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Slice and dice your way to success with our hearty selection of commercial kitchen knives. There’s something for every application right here in one convenient place. From paring knives and sandwich spreaders for delicate dishes, to cleavers and utility knives for the heavy duty jobs - our collection of commercial kitchen knives is as versatile as the knives themselves.

Our commercial kitchen knives come from the most established brands in the foodservice industry. Partnering with names like Dexter-Russell and Mundial gives your restaurant kitchen an advantage that others will be envious of.

These knives do more than make your kitchen work easier. They help create an experience that your customers won’t soon forget. You can quickly create stunning garnishes with our intricate paring knives or bring date night alive with our French style oyster knives.

Knives with ergonomic handles are comfortable for the user while the stainless steel blades make these commercial kitchen knives resistant to wear. Easily sharpened and quickly sanitized, these knives will last you for years to come. With a variety of bevels, tangs, and blade shapes and sizes to suit every need and satisfy every craving, you can’t go wrong with commercial kitchen knives from GoFoodservice.