Hand Juicers & Citrus Squeezers

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FMP 137-1335

Green Enamel Aluminum Lime Hand Squeezer

$21.80 /ea


FMP 137-1336

Yellow Enamel Aluminum Lemon Hand Squeezer

$24.89 /ea


FMP 137-1581

Green Hand Held Lime Juicer

$34.52 /ea


FMP 137-1582

Yellow Hand Held Lemon Juicer

$34.95 /ea


FMP 137-1583

Orange Hand Held Juicer

$56.87 /ea


TableCraft H119Y

Yellow Citrus Hand Squeezer

$10.99 /ea


TableCraft H223

Glass Manual Juicer (6/pk)

$42.89 /ea


TableCraft V119

Yellow Citrus Hand Squeezer

$13.99 /ea


TableCraft V119GN

Green Citrus Hand Squeezer

$13.99 /ea


TableCraft V119X

Orange Citrus Hand Squeezer

$13.99 /ea


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