Dish & Flatware Racks

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Lamber CC00024

Plate Rack, 12 - 18 Capacity

$76.55 /ea


Lamber CC00049

Saucer Rack, 10 Capacity

$19.00 /ea


Lamber CC00043

Cutlery Basket, 8 Compartments

$59.90 /ea


Lamber CC00045

​Cutlery Basket, Small

$18.00 /ea


Lamber CC00019

Full Size Open Dishwasher Rack, Blue

$76.55 /ea


Vollrath HR2A

Traex Half Size Flatware Rack (Set of 6)

$115.71 /ea


Vollrath TR14

Traex Full Size Beige 1.75" Peg Plate Rack (Set of 6)

$118.78 /ea


Vollrath TR15

Traex Full Size Beige Combination Rack (Set of 6)

$119.81 /ea


Vollrath TR2

Traex Full Size 4" Flatware Rack (Set of 6)

$114.89 /ea


Vollrath TR23

Traex Full Size Beige Open-End Sheet Pan Rack

$64.85 /ea


Vollrath TR3

Traex Full Size 1.88" Peg Plate Rack (Set of 6)

$115.71 /ea


Vollrath TR3AAP14

Traex Full Size Extended Peg 9 Plate Rack

$61.44 /ea


Vollrath TR3AAP16

Traex Full Size Beige Extended Peg 7 Plate Rack

$61.44 /ea


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