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Krampouz ASI40
Krampouz ASI40

20" Stainless Steel Crepe Spatula

$51.98 /ea


Krampouz ASH40
Krampouz ASH40

15" Wooden Crepe Spatula

$8.74 /ea


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Crepes are delicious snacks, popular all across Europe, and can be made into a variety of desserts. Whether you need a batter spreader or a recipe book for new ideas, we carry a wide assortment of products from the highest quality brands at the most competitive prices available. Check out our selection of crepe machine accessories today! While owning a crepe machine makes sense for any hospitality firm, it means getting the right crepe machine accessories. Thankfully, we not only sell the best crepe machines but also the best accessories to go with them. So, if you are looking for an easy way to improve how your business goes about building the most amazing crepes, give us a call today. We can help you to pick out the perfect crepe machine accessories for making the right impression and ensuring that you are always producing crepes that people will love. With various options to pick from, we make sure you can get any crepe machine accessories that you might require. On top of that, you will find that our quality brands – from the likes of Krampouz – make it so easy for you to improve the quality of your crepes. We have numerous different crepe machine accessories, with everything from sneeze guards and spatulas to full works stations and recipe books to make the most delectable and enjoyable crepes possible.

There is a unique art to making a crepe as good as you would expect, and we look to make sure that you can pick this art up in the shortest space of time. For more help and information about making crepes that make the mouth water, contact our team today: we’ll help you to make the right call with regards to the ideal crepe machine accessories for you. From the best books to learn from through to cleaning pad holders, you can ensure that you are never left with a dirty crepe machine again. This helps to keep food standards high whilst ensuring that you can always produce the kind of quality foods that those who visit your place of business will come to love.