Krampouz Commercial Waffle Makers & Crepe Makers


As one of the most well known expert names within the restaurant equipment industry, Krampouz make it easy for customers to pick up quality deals at exceptional cost. Also, Krampouz ensures that you can get all the tools that you need to treat your customers to something extra special. With Krampouz cooking equipment, you get products that allow for innovation and something a little different than the norm. The easy going and highly professional nature of their set-up allows for a much more particular and robust experience overall. The Krampouz name is full of French experts that have been involved in the creation of tools for crepes, waffles, pancakes and paninis for many years. We love working with them at GoFoodservice, and have absolutely no intention to stop anytime soon.

Krampouz' amazing range of tools makes it easy for you to get a touch more ambitious in the kitchen, creating anything from stunning crepes to wonderful waffles. We also make sure that you pick from the best additions and tools, from Krampouz condiment topping warmers and Krampouz sauce warmers to Krampouz crepe machines and various other useful add-ons.

Create a safer workplace with Krampouz Cooking Equipment

You will also find that we have a fine range of Krampouz parts, making it very easy indeed for you to keep your Krampouz equipment running at it's highest standard, all while not destroying the bank. If you are someone who wants to start making top quality foods in your workplace, then you do need to invest in the right equipment. Thanks to the extensive range of Krampouz tools, Krampouz parts and Krampouz accessories that we have for you to pick from, you can be sure that you will pick up a simply exceptional range of cooking equipment to ensure you can start making tremendous quality foods at exceptionally low prices. The challenge of running a good quality kitchen will not always be an easy task. So with the right investment in the correct Krampouz tools, you will be certain to make the kind of meaningful progress that you would expect from yourself and for your customers.

Krampouz Crepe Machines

Thin pancakes known as crepes are a versatile food that may be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but your crepes are only as good as their maker, thus Krampouz has commited themselves to making premiere Krampouz crepe makers. With models available in electric and gas power, and 1 or 2 burners, Krampouz crepe cookers makes it easy to serve up crepes that your customers will love.

Krampouz Waffle Makers

Waffles are probably one of the most popular breakfast items, but a poorly-cooked waffle can sour anyone's day. Serving up mass quantities of waffles for your customers is now easier with a Krampouz waffle iron. Available in a variety of sizes and tray capacities, the Krampouz waffle makers let you make Liege, Belgian or Brussels waffles in minutes. Whether you need the power of 1400 watts or 3600 watts, Krampouz has the solutions for your kitchen.

Best Sellers By Krampouz


Abrasive Cleaning Stone


Crepe Machine Cleaning Pad Holder

Krampouz 15PADREFILL

Replacement Cleaning Pads for Cleaning Pad Holder (15/pk)

Krampouz KWM09.1LG47515

1,440 Watt Electric Waffle Maker / Iron, Single, 4 x 7 Liège

Krampouz KWM18.1LG47515

1,440 Watt Electric Waffle Maker / Iron, Single, 4 x 7 Liège

Krampouz 13.75SPATULA

13.75" Crepe Spatula

Krampouz KCME.1RND620

3,750 Watt Electric Crepe Maker, 1 Burner

Krampouz KWM18.2LG47620

3,600 Watt Electric Waffle Maker / Iron, Double, 4 x 7 Liège

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