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The heart of a kitchen is its chefs: the people who cook and work to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. But without incredible countertop gas griddles, even the most treasured and decorated chef could struggle to bring a tasty meal to eager diners. Thankfully, this should never be a situation your kitchens will experience, thanks to your perfect countertop gas griddles through GoFoodservice.

As one of the centerpieces of your kitchen, we know quality is one of the essential considerations when shopping ​​for countertop gas griddles. GoFoodservice partners with some of the most influential brands, including Vulcan, Garland, and Southbend, among many other favorites! With griddles touting a range of burner options, BTU, size, features, and structures, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better selection! Narrow down your choice by checking out different brands, sizes, control types, and even burner numbers, using those controls available on the left side of your screen.

We know that all of these options may be overwhelming, but at GoFoodservice, we feel confident you can find precisely what you're looking for at a competitive price. If you need help making your selections, please reach out to our GoFoodservice team because we can't wait to help you choose the ideal countertop gas griddles for your kitchen.

Why do kitchens use countertop gas griddles?
Kitchens use countertop gas griddles for cooking anything that may need a flat place to cook. This could include everyone's classic diner favorite: the burger. But it could also be a delectable steak cooked to the perfect temperature, or even a mouthwatering set of bacon and eggs with toast on the side.

How does a customer decide which countertop gas griddles to choose?
Decide which countertop gas griddles to choose based on where you would like to place your griddle. With plenty of sizing options, GoFoodservice offers the perfect sized choice based on the area you've made available.