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Make any event joyful
Think back to some of your favorite childhood events. Many people reflect back to zoos, theme parks, and even carnivals. What do these fabulous and integral childhood events have in common? Food! In the food service industry, we know that food often helps form the basis of many of our memories. We also know that some foods represent a specific feeling. Cotton candy is one of those foods. For many, cotton candy represents the joys and sweetness of childhood.

And you don’t need to visit a carnival to get a taste of this sweet, sticky goodness! You can purchase these incredible machines and offer cotton candy anywhere you like. GoFoodservice offers an impressive collection of machines from reliable brands like Winco, Admiral Craft, Omcan USA, and Benchmark USA in cheerful colors that emulate the glee so many people feel from this childhood treat. These machines bring the joy of cotton candy to your restaurant, hotel kitchen, hospital, catering business, bakery, or event.

At GoFoodservice, we know that purchasing a cotton candy machine is an exciting decision, and we want to help you choose the best one for your needs. So please be sure to reach out if you need anything along the way or as you’re making your selection.

How do the cotton candy machines work?
Cotton candy machines work by combining sugar and a little coloring with heat that turns into syrup. Then, that hot syrup is forced into an area with cool air, which solidifies into those long, skinny strands.

Why do people use cotton candy cones to serve cotton candy?
People use cotton candy cones to serve cotton candy because they are easy to rotate around the machine and also easy to eat from. They keep your guests’ hands (rather) clean as well.