Cocktail Stations

Increase the productivity of your bartenders with our selection of underbar cocktail stations!

LaCrosse MS2-HSGR
LaCrosse MS2-HSGR

24" Stainless Steel Underbar Mixing Station Cabinet w/ 1 Sink

$2,168.00 /ea


1 - 48 of 100

Instantly improve the quality of your workspace and increase the productivity of your bartending staff by installing our underbar cocktail stations. Here at GoFoodservice, we offer a line-up of top-quality cocktail stations that allow for the efficient storage and handling of all your cocktail ingredients and tools. We promise the best quality products on the market for the most competitive rates, and our underbar cocktail stations are no exception. Come browse through our amazing selection from top name brands, such as Eagle Group and LaCrosse. You can be sure you’re investing in top-of-the-line equipment that is bound to return your investment for years to come! Give your staff the edge they need to keep up with high demand without breaking a sweat thanks to our underbar cocktail stations. We’ve got the right shape, size, and style to fit your business needs and workspace. If you’re unsure which cocktail station is right for you, or if you should have any questions along the way, contact us today! We’re here to help you select the optimal choice for your business and budget.