Commercial Can Openers & Can Crushers

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If you’re serving drinks, then it’s likely that your bar or restaurant has quite a hefty can collection at the end of the day. Save space with a commercial can crusher! Having a can crusher on standby will help you reduce the volume of empty cans by up to 85%. That’s valuable space in any kitchen! We have hydraulic, electric, air-powered, and manual can crushers that can be mounted on a wall, a pedestal, or even sit comfortably on your countertop. Whether you’re crushing soda cans, beer cans, or empty food cans, there’s a commercial can crusher for all of the above. Plus, having a can crusher is great for recycling, and who doesn’t love that?

All those crushed cans had to be opened somehow. We also stock the equipment that helps you get to the good stuff! Electric can openers, handheld can openers, and punch can openers are just a few of the options you’ll find among our selection. These commercial can openers will save you time and energy with options like built-in lid removers and special tools. We even have can opening stations so that you can keep everything in one convenient place.

Take a look around and you’ll recognize the most reliable names in restaurant and bar equipment, like Edlund and Nemco. Trusted for decades, these commercial can openers and can crushers are built to withstand the demands of your busy commercial kitchen.