Kitchen Cleaning Hacks (Infographic)

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

When you’re preparing for the holidays or doing your spring cleaning, every room in your home could use a deep clean. Most rooms are easy to dust, vacuum, and polish. However, your kitchen is much more challenging to clean. Dirt, food particles, and grease can accumulate in places you didn’t think possible! How can you thoroughly clean and sanitize your kitchen?

Start by inspecting your appliances, sink, and cabinets. Open your oven. Are the racks and inside caked with grease? What about the refrigerator or dishwasher? Is there a bit of an odor? Yes, even your dishwasher needs to be cleaned!

Whether your kitchen needs a little freshening up or a complete deep clean, we’ve got the solutions for stubborn stains, foul odors, and other problems that can pop up in the kitchen. All of our tips are easy with the right products at hand. Let’s get started!

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks Infographic

As you see, you can use basic items you already have around the house to remove baked-on food, grease, and odors. These hacks will help you tidy up and de-stink your kitchen in a pinch! Don’t forget to clean and sanitize your hands once you’re done.

Of course, you’ll still need cleaning cloths to wipe away debris and grease, as well as household chemicals to tackle tough grime and sanitize your kitchen. Your countertops, refrigerator, and sink are all prime breeding grounds for bacteria. Keep your kitchen healthy and clean by practicing these regular cleaning techniques:

Wipe down counters and sinks after every use. The longer that food particles or beverage spills sit on a surface, the more likely your kitchen is to attract pests, bacteria, and odors. Paper towels can be wasteful, so why not invest in some specialty cleaning towels? Cloth towels and mitts make it easy to wipe up spills, debris, and grime. Many are made with bacteria-resistant microfiber material that picks up the tiniest of crumbs! Try one of our hacks, such as the vinegar-water method for cleaning a microwave, then simply wipe it up with a cleaning cloth. Toss the towels in the wash when you’re done, and they’re ready to clean another day!

Clean all surfaces every few days. When you’re cooking, particles of food and oil spread through the air. This may smell good, but your furnishings ultimately pay the price! In time, your cabinets, drawers, appliances, and floors accumulate these particles. Grease eventually starts to smell and make your kitchen look unsightly. Also, porous surfaces can absorb the particles, making it harder to do a deep clean. Use all-purpose cleaners to regularly wipe down cabinets, your stovetop, refrigerator, and other surfaces every few days. Don’t forget to clean the handles and drawer pulls! Sanitizing wipes are perfect for this. For stainless steel surfaces, use special metal cleaning agents. Browse our collections of household chemicals.

Vacuum the crevices monthly. Be sure that you vacuum underneath all your appliances or the ultimate deep clean. You’d be amazed by what all gets stuck in there! If you’re not able to pull out an appliance, try a wand attachment for your vacuum cleaner, a slim broom, and an old tube sock to catch crumbs, hair, dust, and cobwebs between your cabinets and under your appliances. Then, place sheets of wax paper on top of your cabinets and appliances to catch grease particles. Check out our full collection of cleaning supplies and tools for brooms, mops, cleaning sprays, and more!

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