Here's Why Restaurants Should Cater To The Keto Diet

Here's Why Restaurants Should Cater To The Keto Diet Banner

In recent years, more individuals have begun to explore special eating plans to improve their well-being. Among those that are highly popular nowadays is the keto diet, which is a high-protein, low carb, and low sugar eating plan. According to a recent survey, 94 percent of people experienced positive changes in their health since starting the diet, with most reporting significant weight loss, decreased body fat, and improved overall health. However, 57 percent said that going to restaurants often caused them to deviate from their diet as most establishments do not offer keto-friendly options. With tons of glowing reviews on this diet-- as well as enthusiastic recommendations from public figures-- it's clear that the keto diet is not only a passing fad, and that it's here to stay. If you're a restaurant owner, you should consider including keto-friendly options in your menu. Here are some very good reasons why restaurants should cater to the keto diet.

You can establish a strong customer base

The global keto diet food market was valued at almost $9.6 billion in 2019 and it is expected to have a growth rate of 5.5 percent until 2027. Given these figures, restaurants should use this to their advantage and restructure their menus to include high-protein, zero-carb food options. Once you've accomplished this, not only will your establishment be supporting the keto community in your neighborhood, but it also gives your customers enough reasons to trust your restaurant.

Following this type of eating plan involves lots of research and meal planning, so getting keto-friendly options from your restaurant gives customers a break from this so they can just sit back and focus on enjoying the food. This involves a lot of trust, so it's important to be careful and do your own research when creating dishes for the keto crowd. Moreover, if your chef sticks to the keto diet rules and makes dishes with the right amount of protein and fats, your customers can successfully lose weight and improve their health. More importantly, they won't be kicked out of ketosis, and they'll be keeping up their fat intake, which will prevent them from feeling hungrier after they eat. Once they get good results, you're sure to establish a good customer base, and they'll be coming back for more keto-friendly options from your restaurant.

It allows you to create an inclusive dining experience

Not all people have the same dietary requirements. Even families who come in to dine at restaurants may have members who can consume carbohydrates with zero problems, while others are unable to do so due to certain health conditions. Offering keto-friendly food not only allows you to cater to people on the ketogenic diet, but it also caters to those who have celiac disease, since they have to avoid eating foods with gluten. It's also particularly beneficial for those with insulin resistance or diabetes since true keto dishes don't have sugar in them. By including keto-friendly foods in your menu, you can create an inclusive dining experience for families and office workers who are dining together or celebrating an event in your establishment.

Adapt your menu, one step at a time

Sure, you can create several keto dishes to add to your menu, but you can also adapt your existing menu to make them keto-friendly. For instance, if you're serving hamburgers, you can offer keto burgers by replacing the buns with portobello mushrooms, then swap out the fries for carrot or celery sticks. Include celery rice in your side menu so that those who are on the diet can have it instead of regular rice or potatoes, which are starchy and can kick them out of ketosis. For dessert, change one or two of your cake recipes and make them with coconut or almond flour, which are gluten-free and grain-free options. Sweeten desserts with stevia, sucralose, or erythritol-- all of these are sweetener options that can help your customers maintain their keto lifestyle.

The keto diet is here to stay, so restaurant owners should pay attention and offer keto-friendly options in their establishments to keep up with their customers' dietary needs. If you're unsure if a certain dish can be truly called keto-friendly, consult a nutritionist when creating dishes so you can help your customers achieve their health and fitness goals.

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