9 Reasons to Use Commercial Air Curtain Merchandisers

9 Reasons to Use Commercial Air Curtain Merchandisers

Launching a new café or retail store with food? You’ll want to make your sealed products, like canned drinks, visible and easy to reach. Don’t spend your cash on a traditional commercial fridge yet! You will need one eventually, and they are great, but they can also be costly. Merchandisers are the ideal choices, but which one do you get? There are glass door merchandisers and commercial air curtain merchandisers. Unless you sell unsealed food, the optimal choice is an air curtain merchandiser. Don’t worry if you’re uncertain. We’ll help you understand how they benefit you. Read our guide below to discover 9 reasons to use air curtain merchandisers.

1. Quick Access

Quick Access

One of the main differences between a refrigerator and a commercial air curtain merchandiser is the mode of access. Air curtain merchandisers don’t feature a glass door. This means customers can simply reach in for a product they want. Quicker access equates to more convenience for your customers. The less effort they go through, the more they’ll pick up and buy from your store. This philosophy applies to brick-and-mortar stores, cafes, restaurants, and online stores.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Lower Maintenance Costs

The lack of a glass door also means you have fewer parts to maintain and repair. Glass doors can get stuck, crack, or come off. They also need to get cleaned. You don’t have to worry about these issues with an open refrigerated merchandiser. On a more technical scale, merchandisers require less maintenance compared to a closed fridge. Their cooling system isn’t optimal for open food products, but this also means you have fewer repair costs to worry about.

3. Size Options

Size Options

Ever tried buying a commercial refrigerator? They often only come in one size: tall. The only horizontal products on the market tend to be freezers, applicable only for meat products and ice cream. Fortunately, air curtains come in both horizontal and vertical designs. These size options ensure you can buy one suitable for your store’s available space. Horizontal air curtains are quite common in cafes. Their shape and size guarantee you can display more wrapped pastries and enclosed cakes. Vertical air curtains are the better options for retail stores selling cans of soft drinks, sealed microwavable food, and alcoholic products.

4. Easy to Customize

Store refrigerators come as originally manufactured. Merchandisers, on the other hand, are better since you can customize them. You can add additional advertisement boards, lights, and illuminated signboards to grab people’s attention. This is one of the most important reasons to get an air curtain merchandiser. You don’t simply want to showcase food product—you want people to notice and crave them. Good advertising on the merchandiser can achieve this.

5. Better When Stocked

Better When Stocked

Classic refrigerators, both commercial and personal, don’t work well when filled. Air won’t flow and some items in the back won’t get cold. This isn’t a problem with air curtains. Their open design guarantees optimal cooling, across the board. They work best when fully stocked, which is great for business because you always want more available products within customers’ reach. It won’t matter if they grab a can of soda from the front or the back because both will be cold.

6. Optimal Visibility

The moment a customer walks into your establishment, they should be able to spot what they want. Customers might walk away if they get lost or if they can’t find products quickly, even when the product is right in front of them. Visibility is a key component to entice and lure your customers in. Air curtains achieve this easily. They’re large, bright, and you can customize them too. More importantly, they don’t have a glass door. Glass doors can get cloudy, especially if you keep the temperature down. This is the reason some freezers need manual cleaning time. You don’t have to waste time wiping down foggy doors because merchandisers don’t feature one.

7. Durability


Air curtain merchandisers often use stainless steel, reinforced aluminum, and thick metal sheets. This makes them sturdier and easier to move around. They’ll generally last a lot longer due to the durable pieces used in their construction. They don’t have a lot of fragile parts, such as glass doors, which means there’s a lower chance of something breaking. Replacing a glass door or a coolant tank can cost your business a ton of cash. Avoid these costs by switching over to an air curtain cooler.

8. Easier Organization

As mentioned, merchandisers cool every item inside evenly. This means your staff doesn’t have to worry about which products to put on the higher shelves or which items go in front. Instead, it’s all about organizing the shelves and items in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You should focus on accessibility. Place canned drinks neatly together and save space for sealed food products, allowing the latter to grab a customer’s attention.

9. Easy to Use

Ever had problems figuring out how the cooling system works in your commercial fridge? Ever wondered how to readjust the signboards or lower the thermostat? Air curtains aren’t that complicated to use. This is ideal for any business because you don’t have to waste time training your staff. A quick run-through of the main system controls and features are enough to use and maintain the merchandiser.

Get the Best Commercial Air Curtain Merchandiser!

Commercial air curtain merchandisers are more affordable, easier to use and maintain. They boost sales due to their convenience, durability, size options, and functionality. There’s no doubt that they’re great investments for businesses big and small. That said, which air curtain merchandiser do you buy? Should you get a horizontal one or a vertical one? Take the time to consider your options! If you think a traditional, enclosed refrigerated merchandiser is the better fit for your business, we’ve got you covered too.

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