Top 5 Products You Need to Organize Your Commercial Kitchen

Top 5 Products You Need to Organize Your Commercial Kitchen

Cooking effectively in your kitchen requires the skill and knowledge for great meals and the right equipment. If your kitchen is cluttered and disorganized, then you won't be able to locate the items you need to make great dishes. Without organizational products in place, your kitchen will be chaotic, and you'll waste valuable time searching for things you need. Not organizing your kitchen can also lead to you not realizing what items need to be replenished or even what products are expired. Here are the top five items you need for organization in your commercial kitchen.

Holding Cabinets

A holding cabinet in your commercial kitchen will let you hold food that's in the middle of preparation safely and securely. You can prevent accidental contamination, which is handy for restaurants serving special diets. The cabinets are designed to fit flush against the wall and offer a new way to find space in your busy commercial kitchen.

Dunnage Racks

Large sacks of flour, canned goods, and “in bulk” items are necessary for a commercial kitchen but can take up a lot of room in terms of wall and counter space. A dunnage rack is a sturdy low rack that lets you store bulk items easily and securely, and feature an open design allowing for good airflow. Made of durable plastic or metal, these racks keep things organized so you can see what you have at a glance, without items taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen.

Commercial Wall Shelving

A commercial kitchen requires a lot of equipment and goods, including utensils, mixing bowls, and other essential elements of nearly any chef's domain. One of the best ways to maximize space in your kitchen is to use high-grade commercial wall shelving. You'll find a full range of sizes and styles on the market, and add more square footage to your kitchen simply by taking advantage of the height of shelves. They're perfect for keeping items that you may not use every day, but still, need to have within easy reach.

Refrigeration Baskets

Storing mass quantities of refrigerated foods can quickly mean that your refrigerator is messy and hard to find things in, which makes organization a must. Refrigeration baskets help you divide up items evenly, and make it easy to expand your storage space inside the freezer or refrigerator. The solid design of the baskets stands up to even the coolest temperatures, so your stuff says cool and organized.

Dish and Tray Carts

Dishware is just as important in your commercial kitchen as the food that goes on them, and keeping them clean and intact requires consistent organization. Dish and tray carts are made to organize dishes, platters, and trays without the risk of cracking or chipping. The carts feature a divider system to neatly stack the trays and dishes for easy wash and loading. If you find yourself overwhelmed by stacks of dishes on the counters, a dish cart can help manage this hard task.

The moment you step into your kitchen to create a culinary masterpiece, you need to have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Your kitchen won't run smoothly for you or your staff without proper organization, and you'll find yourself wondering where things are, and if you're out of this or that ingredient. You can save time and money with a few handy organizational tools and you won't believe the difference.


  1. comment authorEric Jackson Oct 25, 2016

    Hi Chris, Nice basic information shared that must be kept in mind for fresh commercial kitchen setup. According to me, Commercial Wall Shelving is quite old fashioned, instead of it unique hanging brackets for each and every utensil is a better option.

  2. comment authorDonald R. Murray Mar 22, 2018

    Organizing things is the important part of the house, the clean home is very appreciable to every guest you have either you own a small or a big house. Thank you for the information you shared in this article it helps.

  3. comment authorAmy Saunders Dec 7, 2021

    Hi there! Oh wow, you just made me realize the importance of dish carts in the organization of a commercial kitchen! My neighborhood baker has been thinking of getting some additional equipment for her kitchen as she prepares for the holiday season. I'll ask her to consider this option so she'll make the right purchase later.

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