Scotsman SSM2-P
Scotsman SSM2-P

Scotsman SSM2-P, Twin Cartridge Water Filter System for Ice Machines

$474.95 /ea

Scotsman SSM2-P Overview

Ice Machine Water Filter System Details:

When you invest in the best, you'll get the best results. You know that with the commercial ice machine that you are enjoying right now, but what about the proper filter? Your machine is only as good as the protection that you put into place, so make sure that you use this to keep that Scotsman ice machine working to the best of its ability.

This Scotsman SSM2-P commercial ice machine water filter system is going to offer you the right kind of designer protection in terms of it being a simple system with a simple kind of reliability that is going to come from easy installation and superior protection. You'll be able to see how this can come together effortlessly when you allow it to infuse with your ice machine. Also, this filtration system is going to offer you a clean system that leaves just enough chlorine in the water to keep it clean, but not enough for you to taste or smell. It'll prevent clogging with its superior dirt prevention and sediment capturing so that you can enjoy this for all that it's going to give you in its different ways.

Perfect for a filter that is going to protect you from all of the harms you never knew were there, this is what you need to rely on.


  • Extends the life of you Scotsman machine and provides cleaner, more consistent ice
  • Now with AquaArmor with AgION®, a silver-based anti-microbial compound that reduces the growth of bacteria, microorganisms, algae, mold, and slime on ice machine surfaces, preventing premature clogging.
  • Ultrafine half-micron filtration, combined with food-grade polyphosphate, assures that chlorine, off-tastes, odors and particles stay out of your ice.
  • Filtration can reduce unscheduled water-related maintenance calls by as much as 40%
  • Easy to install and maintain

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 16.6 Inches
  • Depth: 5.5 Inches
  • Height: 29.26 Inches

Scotsman SSM2-P Specifications


16.6 Inches
5.5 Inches
29.26 Inches


Flow Rate
3.34 GPM
11 Pounds
Filter Type
Filter Type
Filter Type
Bacteria / Viruses
Filter Type
Water Filter Application
Ice Machines
Filter Systems
Sanitary Quick Change
Product Condition

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