Gehl's G03303
Gehl's G03303

Gehl's G03303, 106 oz Pouch Jalepeno Nacho Cheese Sauce (6/case)

$67.89 /ea

Gehl's G03303 Overview

Gehl’s Premium Jalapeño Cheese Sauce is an expertly-crafted, bold cheese sauce. Its creamy Cheddar Cheese base is perfectly accented with puréed jalapeño peppers that bring the heat. This rich and creamy sauce is great for signature dips, pizzas, loaded nachos and so much more. It's made with real cheese, gluten free and has 0g Trans Fat Per Serving. Packed in #10 equivalent pouch for safer opening and easier disposal. Pouches are tested to withstand 700 lbs. of pressure. 106 oz pouch. Case of 6.

Notes: Product is aseptically processed and packaged and as sold, it is commercially sterile. Sauce is ready to serve right out of package. Store in a cool, dry place at ambient temperatures. Shelf life of unopened product is 12 months from Date of Manufacture. If holding on a steam table, we recommend a
maximum holding temperature of 165° F and that the heated sauce be used within 6 hours.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 19.5 Inches
  • Depth: 9.3 Inches
  • Height: 9.8 Inches
* Special Order Item

Product Brand

G03303 Resources

Gehl's G03303 Specifications


9.3 Inches
9.8 Inches
19.5 Inches


Cheese Sauce
Gluten Free
Package Size
106 oz
Package Type
Bag / Pouch
41.4 Pounds
Product Condition

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