Bissell 812915
Bissell 812915

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Bissell 812915, 15" Nylon Carpet Scrub Brush

$122.50 /ea

Bissell 812915 Overview

High quality 15" nylon scrub brush for carpet is flexible enough to gently scrub out dirt, while maintaining fiber "memory" for a longer brush life. On brushes 14" and larger, the two outer rows are heavier to scrub the carpet and flex the pile while the softer inner rows massage the dirt from the carpet for a deeper cleaning action.

For Models: FMC Floor Machine, FMH Floor Machine, FMT Floor Machine, FMU 1500 Floor Machine, FMU 2000 Floor Machine.

Note: Product requires a "break-in" process before use. This will eliminate possible excess drag by "tipping" the strands, removing any possible burs caused during the manufacturing process. For best results, run dry for 15 minutes on a rough textured surface like unfinished concrete first. This will cause the brush fibers to lean or set in the direction of the machine rotation. Rinse the brush of any dirt that may have been picked up, then it is ready for use on carpets.

Bissell 812915 Specifications


15 Inches


Floor Type
Carpet Scrubbing
Product Condition

Compatible Products

Models numbers shown are for reference only, may not be listed, may vary by serial number and subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm the proper item to be used with your model.

FMC Floor Machine
FMH Floor Machine
FMT Floor Machine
FMU 1500 Floor Machine
FMU 2000 Floor Machine​

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