Vito Frying Oil Filter & Test Guide

The VITO Oil Filter System company has a great reputation in the marketplace and is already used by over 40,000 customers! By using their products, you'll easily feel the beneficial savings of up to 50% of oil costs, consistent food quality, and less of a workload on your deep fryer.

Not only the economic perspective of VITO's products is convincing but also ecology is an important focus of VITO's business model. The use of VITO products such as vito oil filters, vito oil testers, vito oil filter media, & vito deep fryer cleaning t does not only mean you'll be giving your customers a healthier experience by using cleaner fryer oil, but you'll also be helping to conserve resources by & such as - reduction of CO2 pollution, waste avoidance, and reduction of oil transportation efforts. Even the cellulose filters are completely biodegradable.

With the help of a CO2-calculator, customers can calculate their savings and environmental performance with VITO products in detail. The realization of the mission statement "sustainability" in the production process goes beyond the actual product and its effect. Check out VITO's infographic below that helps bring a little more perspective into how their products work!

Even though we highly recommend having a Vito fryer oil filter on hand, you have to know that your oil will still only last for so long and will have to eventually be replaced. Watch below for more information on how often you should be changing out your deep fryer oil!

Note: Generally, the VITO 30 & VITO VM are not intended for large particle filtration or fryer machine cleaning. Vito specializes in prolonging the life of fryer oil, typically up to 30% of oil life when used properly. It's suggested to use more regularly or upgrade to the VITO VL model if frying freshly battered or breaded products. Even when using the VITO VL, it's also suggested you might want to continue using your existing floor filter model / built-in oil filter in conjunction with it. Contact us to discuss proper usage.

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