Equipex Panini Grill Buying Guide

Equipex Panini & Sandwich Grills are top-of-the-line sandwich presses that offer a range of powerful features. Every Equipex brand sandwich grill provides fast, even cooking that’s perfect for paninis, patty melts, appetizers, and other grilled foods. Make your kitchen run smoothly with an industry-leading commercial grill. Explore this article and our other panini and sandwich grill buying guides to find the best fit for your kitchen.

Equipex Panini VG

3 VG Models to Choose From

Equipex Panini VGEquipex Panini VG/Equipex Diablo VG

Panini VG Features:

  • Vitroceramic infrared heat for fast preheating and cooking
  • Medium and Xtra Large models
  • Pre-heats in 3 minutes and heat sandwiches in 2-2.5 minutes, with combined radiant and contact heat
  • Does not require seasoning and produces very little smoke
  • Robust, heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to clean and resists carbon build-up
  • 3 position, built-in electronic timer, and internal crumb tray
  • Ribbed top/smooth bottom or all smooth heavy-duty, vitroceramic cooking plates
  • Furnished with removable toasting collar for faster performance
  • Available in 120V (Medium) or 208/240V (All Models)

The Equipex Panini VG series panini machines let your kitchen move at the speed of business, offering the fastest preheat and cooking times of all Equipex models. The Panini VG fully preheats in three minutes and can heat sandwiches in as little as two minutes, making it a perfect choice for busy kitchens. These grills combine both radiant and contact heat to deliver a fast, even grill on any sandwich.

These Equipex sandwich grills are some of the easiest models to use and care for. Vitroceramic cooking plates are simple to clean and resist carbon build-up during cooking. Because these plates are not cast iron, no seasoning or special cleaning methods are required.

Count on versatile cooking options with panini and sandwich grills. The Equipex Panini VG models offer a removable toasting collar that provides faster performance. Never burn a sandwich again thanks to the three-position, built-in timer. You can also choose between two smooth cooking plates, or give a classic grilled look with a ribbed top plate and smooth bottom.

With powerful performance and little needed maintenance, the Equipex Panini VG panini presses are great for:

  1. Busy kitchens
  2. Restaurants with big menus and lots of options
  3. Fast-casual restaurants with fast turn-arounds
  4. Food trucks and other tight spaces
  5. Experienced home cooks

Equipex Panini Premium

3 Premium Models to Choose From

Equipex Panini PremiumEquipex Panini Premium/1Equipex Diablo Premium

Panini Premium Features:

  • Enameled cast iron cooking surface for easy cleaning
  • Medium and Xtra Large models
  • Pre-heats in 8.5 minutes and heat sandwiches in 3 minutes
  • Even heat distribution with a patented heating element design
  • Selector switch for panini grill or bottom plate only operation
  • Robust, heavy-duty construction
  • Use a scouring, scrubbing sponge to keep it clean and free from carbon build-up
  • 3 position, built-in electronic timer, and internal crumb tray
  • All grooved or grooved top/smooth bottom plates
  • Available in 120V (Medium only) and 208/240V (All Models)

Equipex Panini Premium series panini machines combine the classic finish of a cast iron grill with modern, streamlined cooking options. Your Panini Premium sandwich grill is completely preheated in eight and a half minutes and can fully cook a sandwich in just three minutes. Every panini is reliably cooked thanks to a patented heating element design that provides an even, steady heat.

The enameled cast iron plates on this commercial griddle offer easier cleaning while maintaining all the benefits of cooking with cast iron. With heavy-duty construction, this Equipex panini press can handle anything your kitchen throws at it. An internal crumb tray keeps your countertops tidy. You can keep this grill working its best for years by removing carbon build-up with a simple scrubbing sponge.

The Equipex Panini Premium models are a versatile grill that will save space and solve problems in your kitchen. Use it as a panini grill to produce sandwiches that are beautifully browned on both sides, or switch it to bottom-plate only operation to use it as a traditional flat top. Choose from all-smooth, all-grooved, or mixed plates to get just the results you need.

With a mix of classic and premium features, the Equipex Panini Premium panini presses are a good choice for:

  1. Bars and coffee shops that offer a lunch or full menu
  2. Sit-down restaurants
  3. Delis and sandwich shops
  4. Anyone who needs an extra flat top

Equipex Panini Original

7 Original Models to Choose From

Equipex SavoyEquipex PaniniEquipex Panini/1Equipex Panini XLEquipex Panini XL/1Equipex MajesticEquipex Diablo

Panini Original Features:

  • Cast iron, heavy-duty plates that retain heat for all-day operation
  • 5 footprints: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, and Square
  • Pre-heats in 15 minutes and heat sandwiches in 3 minutes
  • The square model comes equipped with a selector switch, for panini grill or bottom plate only operation
  • Robust, heavy-duty construction
  • Clean daily with scraper and grill brush to prevent carbon build-up
  • Optional mechanical or electronic timers
  • All grooved, all smooth or mixed plates
  • Available in 120V (Small, Medium, and Square), 208/240V (All models)

The Equipex Panini Original series panini machines are a classic option that offers professional grill performance for any kitchen. This Equipex sandwich press features cast-iron plates that retain heat for cooking all day. After a fifteen-minute preheat, the Panini Original models can fully heat a sandwich in just three minutes.

With seven different sizes and five footprints to chose from, the Panini Original is a versatile range with something to offer every kitchen. Heavy-duty plates offer long-lasting performance. This panini grill only requires simple cleaning and it will be the cornerstone of your kitchen for years to come.

You can achieve precisely the grill you want, thanks to the Equipex Panini Original’s cook plate options. All-grooved, all-smooth, and a mix of cooking plates are available. Some models offer the option to switch between panini-style cooking, using both plates, and using only the bottom plate. You can also add optional electronic or mechanical timers to make sure your food is always perfectly grilled.

The perfect starter press for your kitchen, the Equipex Panini Original panini presses are a strong choice for:

  1. Restaurants expanding their menu
  2. Home cooks ready to take their sandwiches to the next level
  3. Vacation homes and RVs
  4. New establishments
  5. Pop-ups and food trucks

Please note: The above information is a general reference guide. Please consult the product spec sheet or contact us before placing an order, so we can verify the features you're looking for.

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