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Dispose of espresso pucks with our selection of knock boxes and bars!

FMP 133-1855
FMP 133-1855

1/6 Size Stainless Steel Knock Box

$19.64 /ea


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Knock boxes and knock box bars are a must-have for any espresso-serving shop! If your guests are waiting on their espresso order, then there’s no time to waste to help them get their day started. We know the importance of delivering caffeine to fuel your customers’ days, which is why we’ve searched high and low for the best knock boxes and knock box bars on the market so you don’t have to.

Your favorite commercial kitchen brands like FMP have created knock boxes and knock box bars that can withstand the slams and scrapes of the early morning rush. Stainless steel construction means that these knock boxes won’t crack under pressure, plus they’re a breeze to clean up.

Don’t delay! Shop our selection of knock box bars and knock boxes today!