Ice Melt

Keep your restaurant or bar safe from icy hazards with our selection of ice melt chemicals!

QuestSpecialty 800000001-16AR
QuestSpecialty 800000001-16AR

De-Ice 12 oz Frost & Ice Remover (12/Case)

$46.89 /ea


Diamond Crystal 100012607
Diamond Crystal 100012607

40 Lb Fast Acting Jiffy Melt

$24.68 /ea


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Those northern winters can be brutal and leaving ice buildup on surfaces can cause more than lost time. Prevent customer slip and falls and workplace injuries by using frost and ice removers. Ice melt chemicals are specially formulated to quickly melt away ice from door handles, steps, windshields, and equipment. Plus, if you use frost and ice removers in advance, you can prevent ice from forming for hours!

Snow ice melt from brands like QuestSpecialty can be used on a variety of surfaces without risking damage. Paint, cloth, metal, rubber, glass, and plastic can benefit from ice melt chemicals which can melt away your worries and keep everyone safe as they enjoy your establishment. Cans of snow ice melt can even be stowed in delivery vehicles to avoid delays. Looking for a stronger partner in your fight against ice? We even carry bulk ice melt to quickly melt away large areas fast!

Don’t let the ice slip your business into another headache! Whether you’re looking for small cans for the occasional frost or bulk ice melt to tackle persistent freezes, you’ll want to take a look at our selection.