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As any beverage connoisseur knows, quality restaurant glassware is essential to any successful restaurant, café, hotel or, other hospitality business. Whether it’s a fine wine, a shake, or something harder, the right glass can make or break the experience for your patrons, ensuring the right temperature as well as accurate servings. So if you’re stocking up for a brand new operation, or upgrading your current serving equipment, GoFoodservice has a full selection of styles and sizes your business could require: from standard beverage glasses to specialty tasting and cocktail glasses, and even chemistry glasses such as flasks and beakers. We always offer competitive prices on a wide selection of top industry brands, such as American Metalcraft and Anchor Hocking. Now you can serve perfectly poured wine, cocktails, specialty milkshakes, or tasting flights to your clients, without having to break the bank. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to consult with you on all your restaurant glassware and equipment, ensuring the right setup for your unique serving needs.