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Brand: Steelworks
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Steelworks SWADR-203612
Steelworks SWADR-203612

36" x 20" Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 1,400 Lb Capacity

$86.90 /ea


Steelworks SWADR-204812
Steelworks SWADR-204812

48" x 20" Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 1,300 Lb Capacity

$91.35 /ea


Steelworks SWADR-206012
Steelworks SWADR-206012

60" x 20" Aluminum Dunnage Rack, 1,200 Lb Capacity

$101.99 /ea


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Store cold, frozen, or dry products safely on the floor with our collection of commercial dunnage racks and shelving. Available in an assortment of exteriors and sizes in bow-tie, grid, solid, and wire configurations. At GoFoodservice, we strive to provide industry-leading brands such as Metro and Winholt at the most competitive prices available. Check out our selection today!

Very easy to use and supremely safe, our dunnage racks and shelving make it easier than ever before for you to make the most of your shelving needs. With bow-tie, grid, and wire options to pick from, we make sure that you can get everything stacked and shelved in a fraction of the time that you might be used to putting in. On top of that, we also have all manner of options from impressive brands such as Metro. These easy to use but extremely durable shelving units stay in top condition, and each one will make sure you can get all the help that you need to keep the place super-tidy and neat without even the slightest issue.

One of the main things that you will find with our numerous options – some as wide as 24” for easy storage – is that they are very strong. Each choice is available because it can withstand a huge amount of physical impact, making it one of the key reasons why so many people use our top-quality commercial shelving racks. If you need to make sure that you can keep more organized and tight at the back, then you can absolutely use these shelving units. This helps you to make storage rooms and places around the kitchen much more organized, instead of ensuring everything is where it should be. For a less stressful experience when it comes to secure and strong shelving, be sure to take a look here!