Dish Cleanup & Storage Carts

Browse through our selection of commercial dish cleanup & dish storage carts!

Our ware washing and dish rack dollies are perfect for high volume businesses were transporting a high quantity of plates, glasses, or trays safely and efficiently is of utmost importance. Featuring high-quality brands such as Metro at the most competitive prices available, our selection has the perfect product for your individual needs. Check out our selection today! When running any kind of hospitality enterprise, it soon becomes apparent just how important consistency is. Getting things done in a certain time and making sure everything runs like clockwork can make an already fraught industry a bit easier to plan for. At GoFoodservice, we make sure that you can make things more consistent with or easy to use dishwashing storage and transportation equipment.

Used properly, these will help you to quickly move dishes around the place and ensure that there are far less stress and frustration with moving items around. One of the main reasons why tools like this can help so much is that it reduces clutter and also helps you to wheel the debris out of the way. Instead of allowing all of your working space to get wasted with dishes and dish racks, why no use one of these effective options? This will make sure that you can very quickly indeed make short work of any dishes taking up valuable room. Before long, you will have the whole enterprise running much safer and smoother, simply by giving your staff some extra mobile transportation equipment. Remember, marginal gains make all the difference, especially in transit!