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Brand: Cozoc
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Cozoc CCM100
Cozoc CCM100

900 Watt Cotton Candy Machine

$552.00 /ea

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Delight in this sweet treat!
The smell of cotton candy is something no child (or adult, for that matter) forgets. It's synonymous with carnivals and fairs and amusement parks, and it's also a remarkably easy treat to make. And as someone who brings great experiences to your customers through food, cotton candy machines are just the perfect addition to your business. With a variety of cotton candy-floss-sugar flavors to choose from, your customers will be drawn to the eye-catching colors and line up to try out your selection of treats.

The best part is that you can purchase and take these sweet cotton candy machines anywhere! Cotton candy makers enable you to bring this childhood treat to all of your events, big or small. No matter the size of the shindig, your guests are sure to clammer over these cotton candy machines. GoFoodservice proudly brings you an impressive collection of cotton candy makers from reliable brands like Winco, Admiral Craft, Omcan USA, and Benchmark USA in cheerful colors, just like the sweet treat they produce. These machines bring the joy of cotton candy to any sweet foodservice location.

At GoFoodservice, we know that making big decisions like purchasing a cotton candy machine is exciting, but it may also be overwhelming. Nevertheless, we want to help you choose the best cotton candy machines for your needs, so please be sure to reach out with questions along the way. Welcome to the sweet side of life!

How do cotton candy machines support businesses?
Cotton candy machines support businesses by offering a machine and service that not all food service companies provide. For as easy as it is to make cotton candy, your food service location would stand apart by to offering cotton candy makers.

What are the other supplies needed?
The other supplies needed are cotton candy cones to collect the cotton candy as it comes out in long strings, as well as cotton candy floss.