Cleaning Caddies

Easily carry cleaning supplies wherever you need them with our selection of commercial cleaning caddies!

FMP 159-1121
FMP 159-1121

3-Compartment Cleaning Caddy, Yellow

$11.68 /ea


Winco PJC-1511K
Winco PJC-1511K

3-Compartment Cleaning Caddy, Black

$9.04 /ea


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Make cleaning convenient!
Cleaning is an essential part of any business. However, food service businesses like bakeries, delis, food trucks, restaurants, or cafeterias have an obligation to ensure that the same places making delicious food to fill people’s bellies produce that food in a safe, clean environment. The very well-being of customers depends on it. Cleaning caddies can help make that essential cleaning a little more convenient.

GoFoodservice proudly brings you several cleaning caddy options from some of your favorite brands like Winco, Impact, and FMP. With different sizes and carrying capacities, GoFoodservice has the perfect food caddy to fit your needs. When cleaning your business, you’ll find that these cleaning caddies easily tote all of your cleaning and sanitizing supplies for easy access and cleaning on the move.

We value your commitment to keeping your business clean, and we can’t wait to help make that process more efficient. As you select the perfect cleaning caddy for your business, please be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions. Our informed, kind staff looks forward to helping you choose the perfect caddy for all your needs.

How can cleaning caddies make cleaning easier?
Cleaning caddies make cleaning easier because they carry all of your needed supplies in a manageable container. So rather than juggling all of those spray bottles, cleaning towels, and sponges, cleaning caddies contain those items in one, easy-to-carry container.

How else can you use cleaning caddies?
You can use cleaning caddies for any reason in which you may need to contain items and easily carry them around. They may be used to hold condiments, craft supplies, or even storage. If several things need to be contained and efficiently carried, one of GoFoodservice's cleaning caddies is the perfect option!