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Check out our selection of professional chef knives in a variety of styles including forged and granton blades!

Brand: Wüsthof
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Restaurant chef knives are an invaluable tool for any kitchen and with all the ingredients that need to be chopped up and sliced through you will want to be sure you have a quality chef knife. These chef knives come in a variety of sizes and styles such as granton or hollow ground edges which keep ingredients from sticking to the blade allowing you to breeze through your food preparation steps. With our selection of chef knives from top brands like Winco and FMP you can prevent cross-contamination with handles of different colors and be sure to designate allergen-free zones with our selection of restaurant chef knives that have purple handles as well.

To keep your restaurant chef knife or kitchen chef knife in top shape be sure to check out our knife sharpeners that will have their edge back as good as new and add extra safety to your workplace with our cut-resistant gloves. We also carry a selection of cutting boards able to stand up to the daily use of a commercial kitchen and a variety of other kitchen cutlery to use in your kitchen at competitive prices so take a look at our options above and find the right chef knife for you today!