Commercial Air Fryers

Prepare healthier alternatives to deep fat fried foods with our selection of commercial air fryers!

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Best Commercial Air Fryers for Restaurants

When you need an air fryer for your business, not just any machine will do. An industrial-size air fryer is a must for preparing large amounts of food quickly.

Commercial air fryers are an innovative alternative to traditional grease fryers. Quik n’ Crispy’s line of commercial greaseless air fryers combine forced hot air, radiant heat, and elevated cooking baskets to deliver the same taste and texture of deep fat frying using only air.

Any frozen food that’s suited for standard oven preparation can be improved by using a quick and crispy commercial air fryer instead! Create perfect, crispy exteriors and soft, tender insides to thrill and satisfy your customers.

Benefits of Restaurant Air Fryers

An air fryer offers many benefits for any commercial kitchen. Ventless greaseless air fryers are cleaner, safer, and more environmentally friendly than standard deep-fat fryers. Since Quik n’ Crispy’s air fryers don’t use fat, you don’t need to worry about purchasing, using, or changing cooking oil. Cut your staff’s risk of hot oil burns and splashes with commercial air fryers.

You’ll also enjoy a cleaner, cooler kitchen when you use commercial greaseless air fryers in place of standard deep fryers. These fryers don’t send grease particles into the air or heat up the work environment, making your kitchen a more enjoyable place to be. You can reduce or eliminate the need to store used grease by adding air fryers to your operation. Make it easier to pass inspection and keep your kitchen clean with the Quik n’ Crispy line of air fryers.

You can’t go wrong with a commercial air fryer for your food truck. Along with saving space and creating a comfortable environment, these models also prioritize safety. The cool-to-the-touch exteriors and the absence of copious amounts of frying oil eliminate the greasy mess and safety hazards of deep-fat fryers, especially in smaller areas.

Commercial Air Fryer Options

No matter what’s on your menu, there’s a Quik n’ Crispy restaurant air fryer perfect for your kitchen.

Are you looking for the biggest commercial air fryer that can accommodate large amounts of food at once? The Quik n' Crispy Double Stack Ventless Greaseless Air Fryer is one of our biggest options that can heat up a variety of foods in minutes. The double stack also makes it easy to cook or reheat products at different temperatures.

For something smaller and more compact, consider the Quik n' Crispy 600015 ventless greaseless air fryer that can hold up to two pounds of food at once. This option is great for start-ups, food trucks, bars, clubs, snack stands, event centers, and more. Taking up less than 2 square feet of counter space, this fryer helps you expand your menu without installing serious equipment.

At the other end of the scale is another large air fryer, the Quik n' Crispy R900009 is perfect for established operations. This fryer prepares, heats, holds, and re-heats hundreds of foods in just minutes. You can customize more than 100 recipes and cooking modes to streamline your workflow.

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A commercial air fryer is sure to be a staple alongside your other kitchen appliances. Air frying is a great alternative to deep frying and is often more efficient for heating up foods like french fries and chicken wings than a convection oven.

GoFoodservice is excited to offer innovative products like the Quik n’ Crispy line of commercial air fryers. Explore all your options, or get in touch with any questions. We always love talking to our clients to help them find the perfect commercial equipment for their establishment!