Weighing Your Options: How to Choose the Best Bakers Scale

Weighing Your Options: How to Choose the Best Bakers Scale

You’re about to open up your new bakery. You’ve only got a few more things left to get before you do though, including finding the right bakers scale. There are a lot of options available so you’ve been putting off getting one but you will need one if you're going to measure your ingredients accurately

You’re not sure what features you should be looking for and the times you’ve looked you’ve found yourself overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it happens to even the most seasoned of bakers. Lucky for you, we know every feature that a good scale should have.

To help you get your new bakery up and going, here is everything that you should be looking for in a quality scale.

1. Measuring

Each baking scale is going to have a measuring scale loaded into it. So before you buy your scale, you'll have to figure out what measurement method you prefer out of grams, pounds, and ounces.

The one that you're most likely to run into is grams. It seems to be the default. Grams is also the most useful considering it's the one that most recipes use from the US to the UK.

Despite the fact that grams are the most common, it doesn't suit everyone. If your recipes use pounds or ounces more often than not, go ahead and spring for that. You don't want to have to use a calculator along with using a scale.

2. Capacity/Accuracy

Capacity and accuracy sort of work off each other. Meaning, that there is sort of a trade-off with it. A scale that has high capacity will equal up to intermediate weights.

If accuracy means more to you than capacity then you'll need to get a scale that has a lower capacity. On top of looking at these two factors, you should also consider size and shape. All of these things together will determine what you can use it for.

3. Types of Scales

The main scales that you'll have to choose from are digital, analog, and hanging. Each one has their special pros and cons which we're going to go over now.


Digital scales are going to hurt your wallet with the expense but it sort of makes up for it with the number of advanced features they have. It has probably the best accuracy out of the three. They also offer the most precise tare weight.

This being said, they have a low weight limit so they work best with powders and small items. They tend to be small in general but they come with cords that will clog up your counter regardless. You'll also be forking over a lot of money for batteries.


Analog scales won't clog up your counter with unsightly cords and you won't have to waste money on batteries for them but they are pretty bulky so they will take up room on your counter anyway.

They aren't too precise at all and you'll have a hard time trying to get to the tare weight. This being said, they do work well for round objects like fruits and veggies and they are highly durable so you won't have to buy another one for a while.


Hanging scales don't take up a lot of room and they're portable so you can take them pretty much everywhere. They work well for heavy objects and they're probably the cheapest one that you'll find.

They have a high weight limit but out of the three scale types they are the least precise. You also won't be able to use it to measure small objects and powders. You can but it doesn't work well.

4. Other Important Features

There are a lot of important features that you should be looking for in a baking scale. It should be durable, easy to use, easy to read, and have tare weights.


The kitchen isn't exactly nice to your equipment. It's a battlezone in there so you need a scale that can handle that. Scales aren't cheap so you don't want to have to replace them in a few months due to kitchen mishaps.

It's Easy to Use

You'll be using your scale a lot so you want to make sure that well, you can use it. The point of using a scale is that you don't have to do any complicated math.

Your baking scale should also have a removable top so it's easy to clean. Having this feature will help you cut down on your bake prep time so you'll thank yourself.

You Can Read it

You won't get much use out of your scale if you can't read it when there is a bowl or large object on it. The print on the screen needs to be large enough for you to be able to make out what's on it no matter what you're doing.

Tare Weights

You'll also thank yourself if you get a scale with tare weights. It stops from you having to use and clean a million measuring cups.

You'll stick all of your ingredients in a bowl and get a measurement instead. It makes it way easier to manage your kitchen.

Picking Out the Best Bakers Scale for Your Kitchen

One item that your bakery can't go without is a high-quality bakers scale. There are a lot of options out there but we hope this guide helped you narrow your search down. Happy baking!


  1. comment authorgus white Jan 27, 2020

    I hadn't thought of the size of the print on the screen of a scale, so I am glad that you mentioned that you should consider it to help you see the numbers. This will be especially important for me because I don't have the best vision, and I need to get a new scale because the old one isn't big enough for my future work. When I look for a scale, I will be sure to consider the size of the print.

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