Useful Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Pest-Free

Useful Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Pest-Free

Every year, rats destroy and contaminate enough food globally to feed in excess of 200 million people. Maintaining a clean, healthy kitchen requires hard work and dedication. Adhering to strict food safety protocol includes practicing effective pest control to decrease the risk of an infestation of rodents, roaches, flies, or other pests. A pest infestation can not only tarnish expensive stock and pose a health risk, but it can ruin an establishment’s good reputation as well. Thankfully, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to prevent an infestation from taking place.

Always be proactive

The most important rule to follow when aiming to keep your kitchen pest-free is to be pro-active rather than reactive about pest control. An on-going pest-control program that is tailored to your specific needs will reduce the risk of a roach, fly, or rodent infestation considerably. This will be achieved by creating an environment that is not favorable for the pest to live and breed in. If an infestation occurs despite your best proactive efforts, the service of a reputable exterminator may be required. An exterminator will not only rid your kitchen of unwanted visitors but also help to establish a comprehensive pest control program.

Manage your waste

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of infestation in your kitchen is to manage your garbage effectively. Kitchen garbage needs to be isolated from food at all costs and should be disposed of in an outside dumpster that is at least 10 feet from the premises. Don’t ever leave full garbage bins in the kitchen overnight. Instead, empty them out at the end of every business day. Garbage bins and dumpsters both need to be washed regularly to ensure they contain no remnants of food that can attract rodents, roaches, and other common pests. Also, ensure that the dumpster remains tightly-shut at all times to keep pests out.

Keep your kitchen clean

The first step to eradicating pests in a commercial kitchen is to ensure that it is kept clean at all times. Apart from cleaning up spills as they happen, it is also essential to discard any food waste in an effective manner (including the use of a garbage disposer). Ensure that food is stored in the correct manner as anything left out on a counter is sure to lure pests to the kitchen. Apart from cleaning the kitchen every time it is in use, regular deep-cleaning is also required. Wash all floors and work surfaces regularly, and pay special attention to hard-to-reach places. Don’t limit your cleaning efforts to just the kitchen either. Make sure that your food storage areas are also sanitized regularly, as rodents in particular favor dark places with an ample food supply.

A pest infestation can impact a commercial kitchen in numerous ways. In order to reduce the risk of stock loss and a ruined reputation, every possible effort must be made to keep an infestation at bay.


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