The Different Types of Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers and Holders

The Different Types of Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers and Holders

Any restaurateur knows that it’s important to sweat the details—from the kitchen layout to the dining room touches and of course the menu. But what about your restrooms?

If considering types of toilet paper and dispensers is lower on your priority list, think again. A recent survey revealed that most people will shell out more at a restaurant with a tidy restroom. One way to keep yours sparkling clean is with an appropriate toilet paper dispenser. It may seem a little silly, but choosing the right design and type of paper could make a difference in the customer experience you offer.

Here’s a quick guide to help you give thought to what works best for your restaurant.

A Primer on the Types of Toilet Paper

Did you know Americans use an average of 21,000 sheets of toilet paper in a given year? That’s a lot of paper! We use a lot of it, but that doesn’t mean your average customer or restaurant owner has ever considered the different types of toilet paper out there. Now’s your chance to take a moment to consider what kind and quantities work best for your restaurant’s restrooms.

Standard Toilet Paper

This is the type of toilet paper you probably know the best. It’s what most people use in their homes. It’s 1 ply, which means it’s made of one layer of paper. Standard toilet paper usually contains 1,000 sheets and is generally the most affordable.

Two-ply Toilet Paper

Two-ply paper is double the thickness of a standard roll of toilet paper. It’s made up of two layers of paper, which is what makes it thicker. Even though it’s more toilet paper in a sense, you typically only get 500 sheets out of one roll.

Jumbo-roll Toilet Paper

As the name implies, jumbo rolls consist of a large amount of paper. Unlike the other types of toilet paper that contain only one roll, jumbo rolls are like multiple standard rolls combined in one massive roll. Already have an idea of the amount of and type of toilet paper you need for your business’s washroom? Now it’s time to consider the right dispenser.

Toilet Paper Dispenser Options

There are a variety of toilet paper dispensers for commercial spaces. They’re made of different materials and offer different capacities.

By Capacity and Volume of Paper

Dispensers are built specifically to fit certain quantities of toilet paper. It's easy to find the right dispenser based on how much you want to store.

Standard Single Dispensers

These hold standard toilet paper rolls. Single-roll dispensers are best suited for businesses that don’t anticipate a lot of traffic.

Dual or Double-roll Dispensers

These resemble the single standard dispenser roll, but also come with another identical roll attached to it so that two rolls can be available at once. This is a smart option for facilities that anticipate a fair amount of foot traffic.

Jumbo-roll Dispensers

These specifically accommodate jumbo-sized paper. Jumbo-roll dispensers are also effective in restaurants that see a lot of traffic during a typical business day.

Multi-roll Dispensers

If you’d like to reduce toilet paper waste and maintenance hassles, a multi-roll dispenser could be the choice for you. Your staff can simply store multiple roles at once for a seamless refill transition.

Special Features

In addition to capacity, you can choose a dispenser that meets other requirements—like reducing waste or saving space.

Stub-roll Dispensers

Dispensers with this feature help cut down on the waste that’s left when a roll is nearly empty. Instead of wasting a half-empty roll, these dispensers will make sure every last bit is used and then transfer to the new roll automatically.

Enclosed Dispensers

While many single- and double-roll holders are available in open designs, this could be less sanitary than one with a toilet paper protector. An enclosed toilet paper holder is completely covered.

These types of toilet paper holders also tend to hold more than one role at a time.

Placement Considerations

If space is an issue, you can find a built-in toilet paper holder that recedes into the wall. There are also dispensers that mount onto a wall for even more space-saving.

Others also contain multiple compartments. This can cut down on the need for another receptacle in a stall.

Anti-theft Features

Many types of toilet paper dispensers have a locking mechanism in place. These systems discourage tampering with or removing paper from the holder.

Material and Finishing Choices

You aren't limited to just one type of material either. You can find chrome, stainless steel, and durable plastic dispensers.

Plastic Dispensers

This type of dispenser is often seen in commercial spaces. They’re pretty low maintenance in terms of keeping clean and resisting scratches and other wear and tear. Another plus for usability is that many plastic cases contain see-through areas. This makes it easy to know when a dispenser is running low and needs to be refilled.

Stainless Steel Dispensers

If you’re looking for a heavier-duty material, stainless steel won’t disappoint in that area. It’s a great choice of metal because of its anti-rust properties. It can also easily be cleaned and polished with the right cleaning solutions. You could also look for dispensers made out of other metals or nylon. Nylon finishing can be just as polished and easy to clean as plastic. And other metals like chrome could be more attractive depending on your restaurant’s design aesthetic.

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying

When it comes down to narrowing your choices, consider asking yourself a few of these questions.

How many customers do you service on an average day? If you own a smaller restaurant, you probably won’t need a multi-roll dispenser.

How large are your bathroom facilities? What will fit best? Jumbo and large dispensers may not be feasible if your bathroom stalls are cramped.

Consider what will help you maximize space in the most efficient way possible.

What best complements the design of your facilities? If you have a contemporary design, stainless steel may be preferable to plastic.

How easy is it to maintain, clean, and operate? You don’t want your staff to spend too much time worrying over your dispensers. So choose the one that makes everyone’s lives easier.

Choosing the Right Type of Dispenser for Your Restaurant

We know your primary concern is to run a quality restaurant. But keeping a clean restroom is an important accent of everything you do. And an effective toilet paper dispenser will help get the job done.

If you have questions about the types of toilet paper and dispensers available for your restaurant, we’re here to help you make the best choice.

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